One Master Affiliate per State
(White Label Partner)

As a Master Affiliate, you get white label: use your own domain/brand, sales page, photos. You own the domain/brand for life.

White Label Gives You Passive Recurring Income and Builds Equity Simultaneously

  • When you introduce your white label to a group of people, only a small percentage would join in the short-term. Some would join later and in the white label, you get the revenue share (unlike the affiliate system where you may not get the share).
  • You own the brand. It can show your picture or your company related information on the white label website.
  • You can pre-populate with your special techniques, methods, vocabulary, so it is customized and differentiated for all your followers. Have your own specific templates for opt-in forms, emails, and landing pages.
  • You decide the pricing.

Clients Pay on Your White Label Website

  • You decide your pricing (how much to charge your clients)
  • You need a Stripe account ( is a US-based payment processor).
  • Your clients pay directly on the white label website.
  • The recurring price is automatically split and you get your share paid directly to your Stripe account after deducting Stripe fees (and any taxes) in the ratio of our shares.

If the above pricing method does not work for you, consider these options.

  • Do manual billing or use your own existing billing platform.
  • Become an affiliate on our standard website.
  • Let us discuss anything else you have in mind.

Key Steps to Set Up White Label

We do these key steps:

  • Purchase of a domain for you in our AWS account.
  • Set up the domain and white label for you.
  • Set up your pricing plans (you decide the amounts).

You do the copywriting/text, images and Word Press theme for the web pages of your white label website.

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