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Learn Email Marketing Tech in Under 5 Minutes
Delegate Building Opt-in or Squeeze Page
Opt-in Form Challenge Shows Ease of Use
Marketing Automation:
At the End of AR, Add to Another List
Marketing Automation:
Resend Email If Not OPENED in 4 Days
Marketing Automation:
Resend Email If Not CLICKED in 5 Days
Email Builder
Email A/B Testing
Opt-in Form A/B Testing

Software Features

#1. Email Marketing Software with Advanced Features

We offer basic features as well as advanced features. Most legacy software providers offer only basic features.

Our features include these:

  • Broadcast emails
  • Autoresponders
  • Opt-in forms and landing pages
  • Drag-and-drop newsletter builder
  • A/B testing for opt-in forms, broadcast emails, and landing pages
  • Reporting with sales figures in addition to opens, clicks

#2. Landing Pages

Landing pages with opt-in forms: Drag-and-drop builder and many pre-built templates are available.

#3. Hosting of Opt-in Forms, Landing Pages, and Images

You don’t have to use your own hosting for the squeeze pages, sales pages, funnels, and images.

We provide hosting on Amazon’s AWS cloud service.

#4. A/B Split Testing of Everything

A/B testing (also called split-testing) is the easiest and fastest way to increase profits. Every advanced marketer uses A/B testing.

Any 2 variations can be compared to find out which one gives more sales or profits.

  • 2 opt-in forms or landing pages (to get more opt-ins or leads, and build your lists faster)
  • 2 emails (to test whatever ideas come to your mind)
  • 2 subject lines or headlines (to get a better response or more sales)
  • 2 prices (to get more sales)

#5. Segmentation and Workflow Automation (with Tags, Lists and Rules)

Segmentation means your subscribers are divided into various groups based on their interests, purchase history, and actions in response to your emails, postcards, etc. For example, tags can be “dog” for dog owners, “hot” for people who order twice in 3 weeks, etc.

This data, along with the sales and opens/clicks, custom fields, etc., offers tremendous flexibility and the power to send more personalized and relevant emails/offers.

Workflow automation changes what messages are sent, depending on whether a subscriber opens an email, buys something or clicks a link.

#6. Works with Other Software

We integrate with various software including WordPress, WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe.

Our software works with every software that works with Zapier.

Third parties can use our API to integrate with our software.

#7. Get Industry’s Best Inbox Delivery

To ensure highest Inbox delivery of your emails, we spend 10 to 20 times more to send your emails via SparkPost.

SparkPost sends 37% of the world’s total non-spam emails and is used by PayPal, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and other email companies such as HubSpot and Campaign Monitor.