About Us

My name is Raj, and I was born in India.

I worked as a Software Engineer for Intel Corp in California and Oregon. I also worked at other companies including one in San Diego.

I also owned a small online business and served 500,000+ customers.

We have used this combined experience to build the right software for small business owners.

We’ve built a team in India which makes the done-for-you service possible at affordable pricing.

My 10+ Years of Experience with Email Marketing

(Using my own money for my own business)


My 10+ Years of Experience with Google Ads

(Using my own money for my own business)

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Our Mission is to Help Digital Agencies Earn Recurring, Passive Income By Offering Our Email Marketing Done-for-You Solution to their  Clients

My experience as a software engineer and small business owner has helped us to design the right features the right way, so your clients get more sales without writing emails or learning the technology.

We are the only email marketing software company to provide done-for-you services (we write your emails, build newsletters, do reporting, and implement automation.)

For example, we built drag-and-drop builders (easy to use) for everything:
Opt-in forms, email newsletters, landing pages, and funnels.

Another example is that you get reports with graphs to help you understand how well the marketing is working, allowing you to take the next action.

All this allows us to provide this service at a low cost to agencies and they offer it to their clients at affordable pricing.