Your Clients Will Get Better Results Faster from Everything You Do for Them

Your clients benefit because:

  • With email follow-up, your clients will get more sales. They also get better results from the services you are already providing. This makes your advice and services even more valuable to your clients, and so they will stick with you for longer.
  • If you have pre-built templates and marketing system, we’ll add those to our software, making them immediately available, giving your clients better results quickly.

A New Opportunity for High Recurring Income without You Doing the Client Work

You earn a high share of the revenue.

With the white-label option, you can create custom packages and set your own pricing. This helps you to create right packages and maximize the revenue from each client.

Earn a High Share of Recurring Revenue

  • We can offer this huge share because I chose to build a team in India to do both the software development and client service.
  • You get a revenue share is for the pre-built packages where you promote as an affiliate.
  • Get higher revenue share with your white-label and provide dream-come-true offers specifically designed for groups of your clients. You decide the pricing.
  • We only charge our fixed pricing irrespective of how much you charge your clients. For example, we charge $79 for a certain package and you can charge $159, $199, or $299. You may even charge $399 or $499 by adding a monthly group coaching call or one-on-one coaching to the package.

You Win More Clients

Because others do not have similar offers, your offers become even more attractive to new prospects and will help you win more clients.

You win with this opportunity because your clients win.

Your local small businesses are ideal clients to benefit because they just don’t do email marketing, so adding this service easily gives them more sales.

  • Our copywriters write follow-up emails designed specifically to get more sales for local businesses.
  • Our experts do all the technical work, including setting up email capture forms and pages, building newsletters & landing pages, doing A/B testing, and more.

You earn a recurring income without having to do the client work.

Any passive, recurring income gives you the freedom to invest back into the business for growth and to enjoy time with your family. And, perhaps fire some “problem clients”.

Takes 5 Minutes to Master Our Software and 1-2 Minutes to Delegate an Email, Opt-in Form, Landing Page, A/B Test, etc.

With our Task Messenger, you can delegate any email marketing task in just 1 to 2 minutes.

And, it takes just 5 minutes to master the Task Messenger software.

No user guide is required. No training is required. o easy to get email marketing done.

Beautiful Templates for Your Newsletters as well as for Opt-in Forms, Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages

There’s a huge selection of pre-built templates to choose from.

Newsletter Templates

Opt-in Templates

Squeeze Page Templates

Sales Page Templates

A Testimonial

All You Have to Do is Share Our Offer with Your Clients… We’ll Do All the Work, Increase Their Conversion, and Send You a Big Share of the Revenue

What We Do for Your Clients

We Write Emails and Do Technical Work Using Our Software

Your clients save time and grow their profits.

Here is how we’ll make you look good to your clients:

  • We write emails. These emails are usually short, under 150 words.
  • We create beautiful newsletters using your messages and our pre-built templates.
  • Send the newsletters and emails out for your clients at the instructed times.
  • Create opt-in forms and squeeze pages to get more leads and build lists.
    We can also send the HTML code to your web developer.
  • Setup autoresponder sequences of follow up messages, so the email marketing systematically follows up with each prospect and customer to help convert them into long-term loyal customers.
  • Do A/B split tests to find winning newsletters and emails that generate more sales (test prices, headlines, images).
  • Additionally: We implement segmentation and automation to maximize profits for your clients.

What Can You Offer Your Clients?

Design Dream-Come-True Offers for Your Clients

We do have standard packages that you can offer to your clients.

However, with a white-label option, you can design dream-come-true offers for your clients. You pick and choose from our services to design offers that are ideally suited for a group of your clients.

You decide what offers would be the best, and we’ll build those and setup the software to take orders and provider the service. For example, you may offer 4 email newsletters with 4 A/B tests along with a monthly group coaching call by you. Or, you can design an offer for clients with huge lists to charge only for emails sent and not for the contacts in the database. You have total freedom as to what offer you can design. If you can think of it, we’ll implement it.

We Redo the Work to
Your Client’s Satisfaction

If you or your client don’t like any work done by our team, we’ll do one revision free of charge. If you still don’t like it, we’ll simply discard it and have another expert do it from scratch (at no additional cost).

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