Grow Your Profits
Without Adding New Clients and
Without Adding Extra Staff

We Do All the Technical Work
We Also Write Email Copy (If You Don’t)

New Opportunity

Offer our email marketing software with done-for-you service to your clients.

Their emails will be well-written and timely, and will help them to get more sales, making your work even more profitable for them.

Our software includes advanced features of email marketing such as A/B testing, tags, rules, segmentation, automation as well as landing pages, funnels, and 1-click upsell buttons.

These short emails (up to 150 words) are written by US-based writers who know some copywriting. This service is great for small local businesses but not for those requiring long form email copy.

Our DFY service is available only on our email marketing software platform.

5 Unique Advantages

Your Clients Get Our Software, Our Experts to Do All the Technical Work, and Our Team Writes the Email Copy

We provide the software with various advanced features.

We do all the technical work.

We also write email copy (if you do not).

We provide reports that make you look good to your clients.

We are the Only Company to Offer Email Marketing Software with Done-for-You Service to Digital Agencies

No other email marketing software company provides done-for-you for digital agencies.

With our software and done-for-you service, your clients’ email marketing becomes regular and systematic, resulting in more sales and profits for them.

And that means the clients will continue to stay with you for longer.

You Can Reuse Existing Work

You can reuse all the emails, landing pages, and funnels we build for any clients for other clients. 

Build Your Brand:
Get White-Label of Our System

We set up a white-label for you (you decide the domain name for the same). You have the option to set higher pricing (and get a higher share of revenue).

The brand remains yours for life.

Get a Huge Share of the Recurring Revenue
(Earn an extra $14K, $57K …)

Example: If a customer with 1,000 subscribers pay you $199 per month, and you pay us $79 per month, your share is about $120 per month or $1,440 per year.

So, if just 10 such clients use this service, your share will be $14,400 per year. It could pay EMIs for a nice car.

And, if 40 of your clients use this service, your share will be $57,600 per year. It could pay the yearly mortgage with some left over for a nice family vacation. Or, you can make a deposit into your kid’s college fund, with some left for your hobby or a fun vacation.

Get recurring income year-after-year, which gives a sense of freedom and makes it easier to invest back into the business for growth.

As you continue reading below, you’ll see this is a great service for your clients.

Beautiful Templates for Your Newsletters as well as for Opt-in Forms, Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages

We offer a huge selection of pre-built templates for many niches.

Newsletter Templates

Beautiful Templates for Your Newsletters as well as for Opt-in Forms, Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages

Opt-in Templates

Squeeze Page Templates

Sales Page Templates

We Do All These Tasks

We Do All the Technical Work
We Write Email Copy (If You Don’t)

Here is how we’ll make you look good to your clients:

  • We create beautiful newsletters using your messages and our pre-built templates.
  • Send the newsletters and emails out for your clients at the instructed times.
  • Create opt-in forms and squeeze pages to get more leads and build lists.
    We can also send the HTML code to your web developer.
  • Setup autoresponder sequences of follow up messages, so the email marketing systematically follows up with each prospect and customer to help convert them into long-term loyal customers.
  • Use segmentation and automation to maximize profits for your clients.
  • Plan and implement A/B split tests to find winning newsletters and emails that generate more sales (test prices, headlines, images).
  • Create sales pages and accept PayPal or Stripe which allow your clients to increase your sales by taking orders online. We’ll take your message with pricing for a sales page and put it into the template your clients choice.
  • Provide free hosting for squeeze pages and sales pages. This means you don’t have to wait for a slow designer or developer holding your client promotions (agencies are known to keep clients waiting for 2 weeks).
  • We do the initial setup tailored specifically to your client’s business.
    If your client already has an email system setup elsewhere, we’ll also import the existing subscribers, opt-in forms and autoresponder messages (free up to a certain amount of work).
  • Optional: We also write emails if you don’t.

We Redo Work to
Your Client’s Satisfaction

If your client or you don’t like any work done by our team, we’ll do one revision free of charge. If you still don’t like it, we’ll simply discard it and have another expert do it from scratch (at no additional cost).

How Agency Pricing Works

You charge clients directly, giving you total control.

Our pricing starts at $79 per month per client of yours. The pricing increases as the number of contacts increases.

The pricing includes 2 emails (writing + setting the text/images to a beautiful newsletter design). There is an extra charge of $25 for each additional email.

Example: Pricing for a local business with up to 1,000 contacts is $79/month. For this client, you can charge $199, $299 (or your own pricing).

Click here for full details of Agency Pricing.

What Your Clients Get

Software Feature Included What Software It Replaces Value/ Month
Email Marketing Software with Advanced Features Active Campaign, Aweber, Infusion Soft, Convert Kit, etc. $129
Sales Pages, Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages Lead Pages, etc. $49
Sales Funnels and Product Launch Funnels Click Funnels, etc. $99
Payment Processing (“Buy Now”, 1-Click Upsell) Various carts $69
Write 2 Emails and Build into Beautiful Newsletters Hire an Email Copywriter $199
TOTAL $545/ month

You Can Decide How Much to Charge …

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